Jl. Diponegoro No. 2, Sumahilang, Pekanbaru Kota, Kota Pekanbaru, Riau 28125 Pekan Baru
Riau , Indonesia

PT Rsud Arifin Achmad

Arifin Achmad development began in the 1950s, at that time the existing hospital building is a relic of the Dutch government with a capacity of 20 TT, which is located at Jalan Health. In the early 1960s, provincial, Riau Provincial Government to build a hospital with a capacity of 50 TT, which is located at Jalan Melur Pekanbaru, the status of government-owned hospitals regency municipality of Pekanbaru. Starting in 1963 the activities of health services at the hospital in Jalan Health transferred building were the beralokasi in Jalan Melur, then together with the Central Government in this case the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia to build hospital building located at Jalan Diponegoro on an area of ​​6 hectares, which is operated in the mid-1970s, as a class outside the treatment room as primary care, while outpatient services and general maintenance of the room is still in the building beralokasi Hospital in Jalan Melur.